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Welcome to the Chief Police Officers' Staff Association (CPOSA)

Comment on PRRB Submission

In its submission to the Police Bay Review Body (PRRB), the organisation that represents Chief Police Officers will recommend that all ranks in the service receive an increase in pay of at least the rate of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

The Chief Police Officers Staff Association (CPOSA) will raise concerns over the ‘significant degradation to police pay’ across the board. It cites the impact of ten years of pay freezes and restraint against a backdrop of rising inflation and significant increases in the cost of living. 

Detailed research, member surveys and interviews have highlighted three areas CPOSA believes need to be addressed to ensure the most talented leaders are attracted into chief officer roles and their experience is retained by the service.

Firstly, overall pay. While CPOSA recognises its members are the highest earners within policing, they are paid to recognise the risk and complexity of leading police organisations. In 2022, a chief constable takes home 22% less than their counterpart in 2010/2011, despite performing the same role.  

Last year’s flat payment rightly made the greatest difference to those at the lowest end of the pay scale. For CPOSA members, it represented an average rise of 1.2% against CPI which stood at 10.1%.

As the gap between pay and inflation widens, the staff association anticipates the existing problems of insufficient competition for advertised roles, high attrition and unwillingness to move force or take promotion will worsen. This is concerning given that over next five years around 51% of police chief officers will retire.

Secondly, CPOSA will also commend to PRRB proposals by the APCC to reform the current pay banding of chief constables and the subsequent effect on DCC pay. CPOSA believes such reform will encourage the best candidates into the roles that will provide strong leadership across policing.

Thirdly, CPOSA will support the NPCC/APCC proposal to vary the existing relocation allowance to take account of a member’s personal circumstances. It believes this will create a more diverse range of candidates by removing existing, discriminatory barriers.

Chief Constable Lisa Winward, the Negotiating Secretary from CPOSA said: “Our submission is concerned with recognising the risks and challenges facing police leaders and proposes changes that will assist in creating an environment of stability and longevity. At a time of deepening concern about public confidence in the British policing system, it is crucial that the most proficient and skilled police leaders are attracted to and encouraged to remain in the service.”


CPOSA welcome

CPOSA is a staff association representing the interests of Chief Police Officers and Senior Police Staff across the UK. Its principle aim is to ensure that terms and conditions of service are considered and offers advice, guidance and support in relation to welfare.

The current Chair is Chief Constable John Robins of West Yorkshire Police. The company is governed by a committee consisting of a number of officers from across the UK.  For the latest information - click here


We are pleased to announce that Gareth Wilson will be contracted with CPOSA as our General Secretary.  This will give us the additional resource to tackle some of the difficult issues and employment matters we need to deal with.

 Pay Award Statement 19 07 2022


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CPOSA is Independent but works alongside NPCC and the Home Office on various matters - websites available through the following links

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