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Current Committee

The business of CPOSA is conducted through a Committee, composed of Officers of the Association and Regional / Other Representatives.  We also have access to a General Secretary, Gareth Wilson.

The Officers of the Association are:


The Representatives of the Association are:

From the above there will be at least one

  • Chief Constables’ rank representative 
  • MPS Assistant Commissioner rank representative 
  • DCC and DAC rank representative
  • ACC rank representative
  • London Commander rank representative 

Officers of the Association are available to assist and advise the Chair in consideration of matters affecting the Association and act with delegated authority in respect of such matters which in the opinion of the Chair require immediate attention. 

The Committee meet quarterly and Regional Representatives report the work of the Committee to their region when necessary. 

Any member wishing to become a Committee member is most welcome to contact the Chair, any other member of the Committee or